Scenes from the figure skating championships

The figure skating championships are underway in St. Paul, bringing with it a grab bag full of traditions. One of these is throwing flowers and stuffed animals on the ice after a particularly moving performance.

MPR’s Nikki Tundel is working on a story about the behind-the-scenes thrill of it all, and she sends along this picture of what somebody tossed on the ice after a performance the other day.


We can’t figure out what the heck this is. Trash origami?

  • What: Pez dispenser wrapped in plastic snake(s)

    Why: No clue.

  • Sylvia

    Medusa Pez.

    I wonder if there are printed guidelines for what you may or may not toss onto the ice. If a skater hits something that wasn’t picked up, although odds of this happening are low, it could be disaster.

  • c

    does anyone know what the pez dispenser is? Yes, it does matter. Hard to tell from a side view. (I hope the skater knows this person)

  • Tiffany

    Is that Pez a sheep? A sheep wrapped in snakes? I was going to go somewhere with “a sheep wrapped in snakes clothing” but even that makes no sense whatsoever.

    Hmmm, another reason to avoid the mysterious world of figure skating.

  • Candi

    Hippity Hoppities: Lamb from the Pez Spring Collection