How to run in the New Hampshire primary

First, hit the local cafe….







Then, have a rally in a hall with a big American flag as the backdrop.







They’ve all read the same book. I wonder whose?


Will no candidate dare go skiing?

  • I’ve always been amused and bemused at why candidates always a beeline for the diners.

    (Yeah, I get the whole photo op thing.)

    I mean, they’re only going to get a certain slice of voter there, the kind that has time to sit around a diner during the work day.

    The vast majority of the time I’m either at work or at home with my kids.

    A candidate would rarely get the chance to meet me, unless they campaigned at Chuck E. Cheese.

  • Bob Collins

    I got to wondering today, Jeff: how would the campaign change — whoops, there’s that word — if no pictures were allowed for a day.

    I suspect, by the way, that most of the people in the diners are Massachusetts residents who came over the border to stop at the New Hampshire state liquor stores.

  • bsimon

    Yeah, but who gave Mitt the shiner?

  • Bob Collins

    The lady wearing the Mitt Romney Band Aid?

  • c

    “ahhhh another coffee and chocolate fan-gotta love that Obama”

    re: last 2 photos “How big is Hilary/Julliani?” SSSOOOO BBIGGG

  • Amanda

    Fear of too long of a chairlift with someone from the opposing party – that’s why no skiing. It could be a looonngg way down! What great footage we’d have then!

  • patsy

    Is that Mussolini who wants someone to go skiing with him?

    (Collins: Patton)

  • Amanda

    Oh man, even better.