Dancing at work

Purely on entertainment value only, the popularity of one of the hottest videos on YouTube isn’t hard to understand. A UK air crew chief marshaling jets while dancing. What really gets you, possibly, is the concept of enjoying one’s job so much that it moves one to dance. It’s Monday. Feel like dancing? See?

Senior Aircraftman Dean Tabreham is the talent in this video, which was shot at an air show for a cancer charity. He lost his mom at age 13 to cancer. His wife lost her mother to cancer, too.

  • B2

    O.M.G. I love dancing fools. The best vid of the year for me was the big goof dancing in the doctor’s office, “Work your body” commercial. The actors in that so well cast. And second place to the car salesman with the flashdance moves. Only one worry – do planes ever crash into each other from laughing?

  • Bob Collins

    A little more unbridled joy in the workplace is good for you.