Today’s dispatches from Planet Pooch


It being dog talk day on MPR’s Midday today, and to continue a theme we tried yesterday, we take a stroll, so to speak, around the doggy news world.

In Eagan, a dog’s warning is credited with saving a woman from a house fire.

The family of a Marine killed in Iraq adopts the dog who wouldn’t leave the soldier’s side.

Remember when former Twin Doug Mienkiewicz got into the doghouse for taking the World Series ball in 2004? What happened to this year’s? A dog ate it.

An actress, Eva Mendes, agrees to pose naked for PETA because “I could never wear my dog.” Fill in your own joke here.

A man has been sent to jail in Germany because his dog, Adolph, salutes like a Nazi.

It’s not enough just to buy your dog a Christmas present, now you have to throw it a party, too.

An autistic boy in Arkansas needed a service dog. But they go for $10,000 to $15,000. Suddenly checks started arriving. And so did a dog.

St. Paul police dog bites wrong man. Hey, he’s only human!

Thieves steal Christmas presents; leave puppy in exchange. In Florida, however, they took the puppy, too.

Puppies. That’s all. Puppies. In the news business, you don’t really have to say anything other than puppies.

If you have a suggestion for a daily theme. Just add a comment. But, please, don’t suggest a day of stories about baklava.

  • Lois Anaveil

    Thanks for the entertaining post. Looks like it was dogs days in the newsroom!