Timewasters: Street View

If no work is getting done in Twin Cities’ offices today, it’s probably thanks to Google, which rolled out the Twin Cities Street View map today. First, everyone looks for their house, then they look for those invasions of privacy that have made Street View famous.

Blogger Aaron Landry found one, maybe, on his first tour today.

It depends, I suppose, on who this guy is and why he was outside of Sex World.


The fun today, however, is not limited to Minnesota. On a Valleywag post, “Google Street View rolls out in Boston and other places that don’t matter,” the writer finds the Google photos are old. Really old.

Minneapolis has that problem too… sort of.

You can travel underneath the still-standing I-35W bridge…


… and even travel across it.


But the construction equipment that was on the bridge when it collapsed is visible, suggesting these pictures weren’t taken long ago.

And so does this picture at University.


And down the street, the media covering the bridge collapse is still camped out.


I guess that tells us when Google was in town.

(h/t: Mike Mulcahy)

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