Timewasters: Christmas lights

Who needs the yule log on TV? We’ve got the Internet. Here are some of the gargantuan lawn displays in video.Here’s one in Shoreview. You can find the directions here.

And from California…

Near San Diego, a father started a light project as therapy for his autistic son.

These are plenty of fun to view online. But, apparently, the neighbors aren’t all that thrilled, according to the Wall Street Journal’s article, “The War on Lawn Decorations.”

But if you’re a traditionalist…

Merry Christmas from the News Cut.

  • Cee

    and may your holidays be as bright and witty as you are.

  • Candace L.

    And Merry Christmas to the News Cut.

    Gotta go turn on my Holiday Lights!

  • Sylvia

    Actually I think “Yule Log” gets pretty decent ratings. The Christmas buffet I went to had it playing on their monitor. What a nice change from constant CNN.