The oddest Christmas present I ever got

Think about it. And while you are, here are three answers from shoppers and mall walkers at Maplewood Mall.


Roger and Carol of White Bear Lake. A vacuum cleaner. Listen (mp3).


Lisa from White Bear Lake: An egg. Listen


Mindy from Arden Hills and her colleague whose name I can’t give you because the tape ran out on my tape recorder (rookie!): Finger puppets, an “over the hill” bra, and a joke coffee cup. Listen (mp3).

By the way, Mindy had the best answer in the “best gift given” category. She bought her husband “all the toys he wanted as a child.” Apparently, his house burned down when he was a kid, taking with it all his toys. So she found all the old toys, bought them, and gave them to him one recent Christmas. Nice.

Now it’s your turn. Oddest present you ever got was … ?