Goodbye CompUSA

Best Buy has apparently finished eating CompUSA’s lunch. The rival to the Minnesota-based firm announced today it’s closing its remaining stores, after shuttering its Minnesota stores earlier this year.

The blog, the Consumerist, says the sell-off of inventory begins Wednesday. The long-term cheer from Bloomington may be tempered by the short-term reality, however, that the sale could slow holiday sales at Best Buy, WalMart, and Circuit City.

With CompUSA’s death, the concept of a “computer store” sinks farther beneath the waves. Most retailers have expanded their product lines or at least become more innovative.

Best Buy’s stock today closed slightly higher, and not far from its 52-week high.

  • Cee

    It seems to me there is a huge opening for custom built computers.

    All of these big store/theme folks are selling third rate computers with first rate software tied to the hardware. When you get a “great deal” at a BIG Store, you could soon be surprised that the only way to get help is at $100 a pop by bringing it in. All the drivers, all the everything that comes in that package is coming a complete hold on your ability to add and subtract programs, upgrade, etc., unless of course you bring it into the store where you got it.

    Custom built towers can be upgraded easily to encompass new technology, and you can be in control of what software you want, what operating system is best for you, etc. In the long run a much better investment.

    Rather than finding a replacement for CompUSA or giving up and going to Best Buy, etc. Try the small “Mom and Pop” places such as General Nanosystems Incorporated of St. Paul and Minneapolis for guidance.