Christmas comes to Cass Lake

I’m taking today off for a day of Christmas shopping, but I’m pleased to add one more uplifting post. Last week, I wrote about a computer glitch threatening Christmas for many of the kids in Cass Lake.

Thom Blackbird, from the Cass Lake Family Center sends along this update.

How good people whupped up on the Grinch!!

I wanted to update everyone about Christmas in Cass Lake. Through the efforts of a great group of people the Cass Lake Family Center will be able to put on the toy giveaway.

Sharon Mitchell of the Horizons Program, Joanne Stately of the Indian Land Tenure Foundation, Bob Collins of MPR, The Palace Casino and Leech Lake Gaming, John Parsons of Channel 9, Paul Bunyan Broadcasting in Bemidji, The Longville Area Women of Today, Nancy Ludwig, Tech Builders, Peter Ruten,Susan Beaulieu, Steven Papocky,Kathryn Wesley,Laurine Cecil and others who shall remain anonymous. To those and all others who will contribute, we of the Family Center extend our deepest thanks!

May the creator bless you all with health and well being.

Thom Blackbird

Cass Lake Family Center.


  • Cee

    Great to hear things will be well for the Holidays in Cass Lake. Just needed to share that a family I know, who heard this story, wanted to do something, but they are living in poverty themselves. On Saturday they went to a church to pick up gifts the members had donated for them. They called me and said “Oh, we got so much more than what we need, we have packed a bag to go to Cass Lake. Wish we could do more.”

    nuff said.. and to Thom Blackbird and the families of Cass Lake, May the Creator bless all of you as well.