What would you do?

I’ve watched Saving Private Ryan, it seems, hundreds of times and people who were there — D-Day — say it was a realistic portrayal of events. Knowing that, I don’t know how anyone can keep from asking themselves, “what would I have done?”

The American Spectator today — and let’s leave aside the politics of it all for the occasion — has an article on a particular day in Iraq, with a very small group of U.S. soldiers.

As Moser fired into the door from his corner in an attempt to suppress the enemy assault, he saw Morley appear to stumble and go down, his weapon skidding across the rooftop toward the stairwell door. His first thought was that the team leader had tripped and fallen; a moment later, his brain registered the truth: Morley had been shot. A burst of gunfire from the southern stairwell across the dividing wall had scored a direct hit, with one round striking Morley directly in the forehead. He was dead before hitting the ground.

It was a four-man team, that had just become a three-man team, that now faced some seriously cruddy odds.

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