Snow? Time for SNINGO

Watching CNN this morning, I was impressed by the animated graphic “StormWatch,” followed by the important announcement that in Watertown, New York there’ll be lake-effect snow today. “The snow will begin piling up,” the meteorologist said. “They could get up to two inches!”

Two inches? Upstate weenies.

When did we start getting so unnerved by average snowfall?

In Minnesota, the Minnesota Department of Transportation, where the biggest scandal used to be not plowing the highway within a few minutes of when snow fell on it, held a news conference in advance of the big weekend storm, which we’re shrugging off like good Minnesotans by talking about it non-stop.

The news conference started 15 minutes before the news conference in St. Paul that may reveal the state’s economy is going belly-up. Which story do you think will lead the nightly news?

Blogging buddy Craig Edwards over at Updraft advised, “If you have shopping on your to do list for Saturday, you’ll want to take advantage of the Early Bird Special and find yourself safely back home around lunch time.”

Over at WCCO, Paul Douglas “recommended doing your weekend errands Friday night, early Saturday morning or late Sunday evening.”

In other words, get back in your homes by the time the snow starts.

Over the course of the storm, which is to last through Saturday night, we’re expected to get 6-10″ of snow.

We’re in full sky-is-falling mode. We’ll play Snow Storm Bingo – Sningo! — to prove it.

—————————————- chain-saw-clipart1.gif—————————————–


Update Fri 9:11 p We’re off and running! Fox9 does the stocking-up-with-groceries and hardware-guy-selling-shovels angle. I didn’t see the “buying extra pet food for my rabbit” angle coming, though.

10:14 p.m. – Plow driver? Check. The live ‘CCO report from a near-empty Kowalski’s to show how people were shopping to stock up on the viddles was a nice “imagine if you will” touch.

Sat 9 a.m. – Snow begins falling. Suddenly, we’re not sure there’s enough food in the house.

3:30 p.m. – All Things Considered host Tom Crann reports Paul Huttner used the term “computer model.”

5:27 p.m. Sven does the weather in the backyard without hat. Of course, it was hardly snowing at the time since the storm is producing less than predicted.

Looks like we’re one Gov. Pawlenty sweater away from “SNINGO!”

Sun 5:03 p.m. In a live report from St. Paul, Jeremy Hubbard of ABC News declares “high winds and frigid temperatures persist here.” A check at the downtown St. Paul airport showed winds of 12. Temperature 23. He referred to it as “a monster storm.”

  • Jim

    Bob, welcome ablog! I’ve been anticipating your deblog.

  • mike

    Word, Bob…Word

  • Julia Schrenkler

    Do you think we’ll hear shouts of SNiNgo around the region? One can hope. Glad to see you blogging, Bob.

  • Bob Collins

    Oh, the pressure!

  • Brett

    See Bob blog. Blog, Bob, blog!

  • This is the most fun I’ve had in anticipation of the first snow fizzle… Thanks Bob!

  • jnp

    The term “computer model” has been used several times on MPR in the past day. You’re behind the game…

  • Tony Lopez

    I’m pleasantly reminded of Scott Baio’s role as the family attorney on Arrested Development, Bob Loblaw!

  • Andy

    Snow emergencies declared according to the Current.

    Great game board–are we going to play everytime there’s a mention of the threat of maybe some snow sometime soonish? I think we should.

  • Bob Collins

    Michael Wells, online guru of the Current, suggested we could — maybe — make some sort of application where everytime you reload the page, it would change the order of the squares. So you could print it out and you and your loved ones could have hours of SNINGO fun!

    But, yeah, why not? Although I think we should have some standards for SNINGO activation.

    I’ll have to come up with some new squares.


  • Bob Collins

    Can’t find the “snow emergency” information. This one is under booth review. (By the way, click refresh to see the updated card)

  • At 1:10am the photo on the Star Tribune front webpage was a kid in a sled…

    If we can just get a video of a bell ringer…

  • Sylvia

    How about a square for comparison to previous snowstorm totals around the same time of year, perhaps with old video dragged out for comparison? Gee, the snow back then looks a lot like the snow now.

    Or a square for escalating storm status, as in jumps from moderate to dangerous to treacherous to life-threatening to universe-altering?

    What is the current definition of moderate snowfall now? 2″? 5″? 15″? Can we get some clarification on terminology here? Maybe a square for this floating target?

  • Sylvia

    Sorry, I forgot a few. One more square for TV video of quirky personal transport: biking on snowy road, cross country skiing on street, snowshoes, dogsled, snowmobiles, riding a moose.

    Also TV video: stuck bus, cars sliding into each other, cars in ditch.

    Animals at the zoo enjoying the snow, polar bears, penguins and tigers running and jumping around.

    Is there anything we haven’t seen before?