Paulose answers allegations

U.S. Attorney Rachel Paulose has kept a pretty low profile since three of her top administrators quit earlier this year, and subsequent revelations that her predecessor, Tom Heffelfinger, was one of the U.S. attorneys former Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez wanted gone.

This week the New York Times outlined the various controversies, suggesting that Paulose is one of the first tests for the new attorney general, Michael Mukasey.

Her friend, Scott Johnson, who writes the conservative blog Powerline, today pens an article in the National Review that gives Paulose a voice she hasn’t used much, especially on the issue of using a racial slur..

“I NEVER made any such statement. I have told the department so, and the department is defending me against this outrageous and defamatory lie.”

“The McCarthyite hysteria that permits the anonymous smearing of any public servant who is now, or ever may have been, a member of the Federalist Society; a person of faith; and/or a conservative (especially a young, conservative woman of color) is truly a disservice to our country.”

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