An eye on the competition

They’re aghast in Massachusetts today, because a report shows the state, which was the incubator of the computer industry, is now dead last in job creation.

The report from the Center for Labor Market Studies and MassINC, identifies Minnesota as a “competitor state.” It says the Massachusetts economy has pretty well tanked; Minnesota is portrayed as relatively mediocre.

Of the 11 states (Massachusetts, and its competitors — Florida, Texas, Virginia, North Carolina, California, Colorado, Minnesota, New Jersey, Connecticut, New York), Minnesota ranks 7th in total employment. It’s grown only 2.75% since 2001 here.

Minnesota increased its competitive position in high-tech jobs while Massachusetts, California, and Texas were losing their huge share of the sector. And we were able to increase our share of manufacturing jobs compared to the rest of the nation, too.

Other highlights in the report from a Minnesota perspective:

* Minnesota ranked 20th in people leaving. Wisconsin was 26th. People are moving in to Wisconsin. They’re moving out of Minnesota.

* The median annual full-time salary in Minnesota: $40,058 (16th)

The report, certainly, is not aimed at Minnesota. But it is an interesting glimpse into how other states view us competitively.

It also may be the last cheery economic pep talk we get for awhile, given the dour predictions of what Friday’s economic forecast will reveal.

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