The explosion of an oil pipeline in Minnesota showed us all just how fragile the world oil market is. Oil prices soared when word got out about the explosion. The quick run-up in prices — it had jumped $5 a barrel — eased when it was revealed that the pipeline where the explosion occurred was Read more

Scientists are watching a rerun this week, and it’s not because of the writer’s strike. They’ve discovered the beginnings of galaxies 11 billion years ago. They’re looking back in time. Time travel, with our eyes. Cambridge University scientist Martin Haehnelt said his team used the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope and the Gemini Telescope Read more

They’re aghast in Massachusetts today, because a report shows the state, which was the incubator of the computer industry, is now dead last in job creation. The report from the Center for Labor Market Studies and MassINC, identifies Minnesota as a “competitor state.” It says the Massachusetts economy has pretty well tanked; Minnesota is portrayed Read more

In the world of marketing, you can make something true, just by saying it is. Newsies working on a slow day usually blare, “the day after Thanksgiving is the busiest shopping day of the year,” except it isn’t. The Saturday before Christmas is. And getting up at 2:30 on Friday to go shopping isn’t normal. Read more