Your career. What happened? Six words.

We’ll remember the Great Recession for the way it reached into Minnesota’s middle-income homes and put many professionals out of work for the first time.


We’ve talked to scores of people in MPR’s Public Insight Network who hoped a college degree and a knowledge-based economy would insulate them from the downturn. It didn’t.

So how’s the recession treating your chosen work?

Tell us in six words.

We’ve been doing six-word challenges lately with good feedback. We asked folks to sum up their recession experiences and to tell us about their health care coverage.

We got creative, heartfelt responses that we’ve posted and shared with our public media friends across the country at

We’ll do the same with your six-word entries on the recession and your profession.

Here are some posted already at

“Lost two jobs gained an LLC”

“Take work when you’re offered it.”

“Adjust to reality, give up dreams.”

Here are my six words: Journalism reaper. Step ahead. So far.

That pretty much sums up my professional life the past two years — happy and lucky to have a job writing and reporting and hoping it stays that way.

How about you? What words best describe what’s happened to your career in this recession? Unemployed? New entrepreneur? Back to school to retrain?

Post your six words below or drop us a line.

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NOTE: Our efforts were inspired by SMITH Magazine’s ongoing Six-Word Memoir project.

  • Amelia Odens

    I took a job that pays.

  • Got work but wants more. Unlikely.

  • J. Wagner

    On food stamps, Americorps, Future M.D. 😀

  • Anonymous

    Deep paycut is better than nothing

  • Tom

    Bang on de drum all day

  • Work day job, compose music after.

  • Moira

    smart (and lucky) before, ok now.

  • moira

    MBA, laid off, cancer, surgery, healthy.

  • gur8

    Insurance, overtime, vacation. Unhappy; stifling dreams.

  • Bismuth

    Grad school: gross underpayment equals security.

  • jennyablue

    Need job, need car for work.

  • Jennyablue

    Need job, need car for work

  • Jessica Sundheim

    Educational grants: universe is the limit!

  • Mary

    Career colleges are booming.

  • Mary

    Career colleges booming. Job is safe.

  • Hunting jobs. Continue writing. Need money!

  • Carolyn

    Haven’t been cut from job yet.

  • Connie

    It keeps getting better and better.

  • Chris

    Consulting projects galore!

  • Ann Doberstein

    Less quantity, more quality, better life.

  • Jay

    career long in tooth, got yanked.

  • Self-employed, survived 2009. 2010 better!

  • dean

    impeach obama need job now

  • Lord Nose

    America: No Place To Rear Children

  • Lord Nose

    Solution for democracy: Abolish all corporations

  • Lord Nose

    On Planet Earth empire is STUPID

  • Lord Nose

    Living in denial simply delays catastrophe

  • Lord Nose

    Corporations never quit; their religion’s Dollars

  • Lord Nose

    Stop pretending democracy is about us.

  • Lord Nose

    Some MPR person stopped my posts

  • Lord Nose

    And You Know You Are It

  • Lord Nose

    So now let’s hear your excuses

  • Dan

    Old gone. Future uncertain. Patchwork now.

  • Heidi

    Kids in daycare. Momma back to work.

  • Grant

    Economy is changing, the adaptable survive.

  • Steph

    In three words: I found happiness.

  • Laura

    Raise? +0%, Insurance? +26%. Tough year.

  • Kathy

    Hours cut. Filed for SSecurity early.

  • metheothertwin

    Government guys, show me the money.

  • Craig

    Thank goodness for outdoor baseball.