Small-town quiz: Where is world’s biggest pile of oil cans?


Thanks to Kelly Asche, program coordinator of the Center for Small Towns.

  • Bess Cellars

    Having lived Up North for a number of years, I know for certain that turtle races take place annually at Nisswa. There are many novels out today depicting Minnesota’s history, for better and for worse, and the clash and eventual meshing of cultures (German, Irish, French, Scandinavian and American Indian) that make it possible for quizzes like the one here!

    I grew up in small-town rural farm country and so am familiar with the life of such towns across mid-western America. Two novelists, one recent and the other some years back, who have created amusing and sometimes painfully realistic depictions of small towns at a crossroads with an emerging urban/suburban world, are Minnesota novelists John Hassler and James Casper.

    I surmise they might have known each other because Hassler dedicated one of his early novels to a James Casper, possibly one and the same. In any case, both seem to have grown up in southern Minnesota, and Casper’s recently published novel ‘Everywhere in Chains’ does really well in depicting the crisis in rural small towns of the sort he describes as ‘places where every street ends in a corn or soybean field.’