How do you get where you need to go?

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Summertime provides a window for major transportation projects to advance, but some of the biggest changes in transit come from personal decisions and changes in habit. We want to know more about how you get around.

This week Ground Level is reporting on various innovative approaches underway in Minnesota to get people to the places they need to go. A personally owned or leased vehicle continues to be the primary method of transportation for most Minnesotans, but other approaches to getting around like car-share, biking, private shuttles are are viable alternatives in some communities.

The transportation picture varies significantly from community to community across the state. Take for example commute times. Commute times in Marshall average 10.3 minutes. Average commute times in rural Squaw Lake is nearly an hour.

Transit systems in Outstate Minnesota are seeing mixed results in ridership. What does the transportation picture look like where you live?

Your insights will help inform a public online forum about transportation in Minnesota that is taking place at noon on Wednesday.

  • Bob Moffitt

    I’m doing what most people do — driving every day. However, I do plan on change my habits once the Central Coridor light rail is up and running.

  • Janne

    Something about the frame here is odd for those of us who don’t do the most common thing.

    I once participated in a car-sharing focus group, and as we talked, we realize that transportation options is like a tool box. If the only tool you ‘have’ is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Most folks who have cars have one tool, and use the same tool for every trip, no matter how short, how inconvenient the parking, the size of the vehicle compared to the cargo to haul. Those of us who used car sharing counted up to a dozen tools in our toolbox. When we had a trip, we picked the tool most appropriate to the trip.

    I walk, bike, bus, hitch rides, car share, rent cars, don’t go, have things delivered, cab, choose my destination based on transportation options (i.. close-by theaters, or venues with bike racks) and more.