What do you want to know about running a brewery in Minnesota?

If you’ve been following the explosion of new microbreweries and taprooms in Minnesota, you know that the beer culture here is changing radically. Not only are new entrepreneurial opportunities coming to the fore, but some think we’re developing our own hop-heavy “north coast style.”


(Photo by John Heller for MPR)

Tomorrow between 11:30 and 1:00, MPR will host an online chat on about where our blossoming microbrew culture is headed, as part of our One Job at a Time project on entrepreneurism.

The chat will include Tim Nelson from Fitger’s in Duluth, Dan Schwarz from Lift Bridge in Stillwater, Julia Herz from the Brewers Association in Boulder, Colorado, and local food writer Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl.

We’ve invited many local microbrewers to participate and we hope you’ll join us, too. You can find the chat tomorrow by following this link.

Do you have questions you’d like us to ask or topics we should explore? Feel free to post them here.

  • charlie parson

    Are there enough ingredients grown in Minnesota to make a truly home grown beer? Many of us grow our own hops, but are they available in commercial quantities, grown here? Who malts in Minnesota?

    I guess we need yeast too. Pretty sure we have locally produced water.

  • Eric

    Rahr has one of the largest malting operations down in Shakopee. Their 2 row malt is grown mostly in MN I believe. There is one commercial hop grower I think. Maybe two. But I know of several people who want to start growing hops at a much larger scale than backyard home brewer. It’s a ways away, but MN could easily be a huge producer of beer ingredients (well we already are with malt).