Rural = No turn signals cuz everybody knows where I’m going

From the good to the ugly, here are highlights of Facebook responses to my last post about defining “rural:”

“Rural is when you hit the city limits and everyone waves at you whether they know you or not.”

“Rural is when you trust all your neighbors with your personal property and none of your neighbors with your personal business.”

“Rural is towns with populations in the 3 digits or less, no stop lights, a church, a bar & a school combined with 1-3 other towns.”

“Rural is when even people who don’t like me smile politely. Where I don’t lock my vehicle or doors because everybody knows everybody and what caliber they carry. Rural is where I don’t use my turn signals because everybody already knows where I’m going. I like being a big fish in a small pond. I can go outside and make a lot of noise and check my garden in my skivvies.”

“Rural is a place that only has one syllable. Rurl.”

“Rural is where the mayor and the equipment dealer or bait shop owner are the same person, where even if your Catholic you can go to the Baptist church and brunch afterwards, where every body helps everyone with chores.”

“you come home and find new leftovers in your refrigerator and know exactly who brought them by the container they’re in…”

“Rural is not having enough houses per mile to warrant cable.”

“You know everyone in your town and what car they drive. And when you stop to ask for directions, they offer you a donut.”

“Rural is where people want to know who you ‘belong to’.”

“Minimum wage, crap jobs coupled with a mix of federal and state aid that only poor refugees would want to spend their lives surviving on, or nursing.”

“Rural is when highest paid people in county are the cops.”

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