The Duluth/Arrowhead Economy – Google said no, but broadband still a regional key

Duluth made a play for Google money that would create a new ultra-fast broadband project. But it was Kansas City, Kan., that got the nod.

And while Duluth failed at the Google experiment, which promises Internet speeds as yet unseen, other places in the Arrowhead are just hoping to get up to speed with broadband access.

Internet access is part of the economic development conversation for the Arrowhead that we’re holding both online and in person next Tuesday in Duluth. See here for details on the event Tuesday evening.

One place in particular is in the uppermost point of the Arrowhead, Cook County. Broadband accessibility is as poor there as any place in the state. A new $16 million federal stimulus award will create a new broadband infrastructure. MPR’s Jennifer Vogel reported on how Cook County sees the change as part of the Ground Level broadband project. She spoke to sources in MPR’s Public Insight Network. The presentation below adds their insights to this discussion. Have a look. Then tell us if you are interested in participating in a April 5 forum on the Arrowhead economy, through the magic of the computer.

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