The courthouse renovation is a go

It appears that the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota doesn’t take the time to celebrate what could be perceived as a victory. After naming the Todd County Courthouse to its endangered list for 2010, it moved on to accept nominations for the 2011 list. But Todd County voters followed the impetus created by the Alliance and the Todd County Historical Society and voted to support renovation of the courthouse.

At last week’s County Commissioners meeting, the board voted to bond for $525,000, which means the renovation is officially underway.

County Administrator Nate Burkett says he can recommend further financing options after getting a more detailed estimate of the project’s cost. That means that the drawing board will be a busy place for a while and Todd County residents can expect periodic updates on renovation developments. The Preservation Alliance should be celebrating.

On another update note: the Initiative Foundation’s Healthy Community Partnership’s partnership with Todd County seniors is moving into the project stage, too. Verna Toenyan says that classes are being set up for seniors who want to learn more about computers. Dates and times will be posted when they’ve been set. With 10 inches of snow on the ground and new layers being added almost daily, the winter of 2010-2011 may not be amenable to seniors getting out and about. But one thing seniors know: it’ll be spring before we know it and computers will still be there.

  • We’re so thrilled with the outcome and we have moved on to next year because we want to see a lot more results like Todd County.

    Thanks so much for paying attention to the work that we do.

    Nancy, any ideas on how we should celebrate?

  • Nancy

    Thank you for your work in preserving Minnesota’s history.

    A small way to celebrate would be to make note of it on your website. I’m sure readers would like to know what other historic buildings your efforts have helped to save.

    A big way to celebrate would be fireworks and popping champagne corks but we don’t really expect that.

  • Nina Holmberg

    Here you go, Nancy:

    Looks like they had their celebration about a month before you wrote this. Perhaps that’s why you couldn’t find it.

  • Nancy

    Wonderful! Thanks for sharing the link!