What’s your community’s tech index?

How good is your community when it comes to using new technology to meet the challenges of the day and explore new ways of doing things?

As far as I know, there’s no iPad-adoption index yet or technology-vitality-metric that applies to communities. But Ann Treacy at Blandin on Broadband is compiling something that might serve as a rough guide.

On the theory that a place’s technology vibrancy is a function of the number of experts present, she is compiling a list of technical assistance providers. She wants to hear from anyone in outstate Minnesota who helps people use high-speed access to the Internet.

That could be someone who provides computer or Internet training to senior citizens or someone who helps people start a new business online. Website-building, marketing, social media strategies, wireless networks — all are grist for the mill. Even if you’re a techie sitting in the basement in the middle of the night, Ann would like to hear from you.

The Blandin Foundation received a $5 million federal stimulus grant to help rural communities increase their ability to take advantage of broadband. So the first purpose of the list is to help leaders in the places the foundation is working with to find help when they need it. But once it’s available, anyone can use it, either to get help or just to check the techie pulse of their community.

If you fit the bill, fill out her survey or send her an email.

  • Dave,

    Thanks a million for spreading the word. I’ve had a few more TA providers sign up for the directory already. Thx! Ann