Getting youth involved

There is no shortage of great ideas in Baldwin, but there is a shortage of volunteers to help foster those ideas into reality. Adults are usually targeted as possible volunteers, but youths can also play an important role in building community.

High school students and even those younger can help with a variety of tasks, from organizing to hands-on work, like these Montana teens that helped build a Habitat for Humanity House.

No only does this kind of work help Baldwin grow, but it also helps youths feel engaged in their community and gives them a chance to learn from the task they are doing while connecting with their neighbors young and old.

There are even grants specifically designed for young people looking to make a difference in communities great and small, such as the Do Something Growth Grants, which gives out $500 to one youth-generated project each week. Details on how to apply for the grant are available on their website.

With summer in full swing, now is the perfect time for young community members to get involved.

Youth of Baldwin, what kinds of things do you want to see here? What kinds of skills can you contribute to community growth?

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