Myron Orfield book coming on Twin Cities sprawl

Those interested in the Baldwin-Princeton annexation-incorporation debate should look for a new book coming soon from the University of Minnesota’s Myron Orfield and Thomas Luce.

“Planning the Future of the Twin Cities” sets a framework for regional planning in the metro area, focusing on the seven-county area but including Sherburne and three other “collar” counties in some of the discussion.

Baldwin Township is at the very northern edge of this 11-county area but has been among the fastest growing by virtue of lying in the Highway 169 corridor, as the book’s colorful maps show dramatically.

The authors note the vast number of local government entities in the Twin Cities and the substantial variation in tax and spending levels.

One tidbit: In 2004, the 172 cities in these 11 counties spent an average of $617 per person on services. The 97 townships spent an average of $145 per person, most heavily on public safety and transportation. Baldwin Township taxed at a lower percentage of its total tax capacity than did its township neighbors, the study shows.

  • Myron Orfield and Thomas Luce will lead a discussion on regional planning issues–7:30pm, Thursday, March 11, at Magers & Quinn Booksellers (3038 Hennepin Ave S, Mpls; 612/822-4611).

    This event will not only be book reading, it will also be a community forum, at which citizens and stakeholders alike can share views and discuss our common future. Myron Orfield will be joined by

    * Meg Tuthill, Minneapolis City Council, Ward 10

    * Dave VanHattum of Transit for Livable Communities

    * Jesse Mortenson of Metro Independent Business Alliance

    All are welcome at what is sure to be a fascinating and useful evening of conversation and education. This event is free and open to the public.