Op-ed pick: We don’t need any more Millennial trend pieces

The Washington Post’s Alexandra Petri doesn’t want to read any more trend pieces about Millennials.

I think we’ve reached peak Millennial trend piece output. I hope. I pray. I don’t know any more. I thought surely “Generation Me Me Me” was the frozen limit. But the nightmare continued. We are now several Inception levels down into Millennial trend piece world, being pursued by trend writers on snowmobiles who shout incomprehensible things at us through the howling wind. Our ears catch only disjointed phrases– “Parents’ basements… narcissists… helicopter.”

We, at The Daily Circuit, are guilty of Millennial fever. In our defense, there are over 80 million Millennials! Attention must be paid.

We hear you Alexandra Petri. And it probably won’t stop us.