Op-ed pick: Maybe Hillary won’t run

Copies of former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's new book "Hard Choices" are seen before a book signing in Arlington, Virginia, outside Washington, on June 14, 2014.  NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images

Is it possible that Clinton 2016 won’t happen? In Real Clear Politics, Tom Bevan has 5 reasons why he thinks Hillary Clinton will stay on the sidelines, starting with:

She’s just not that good at campaigning. If the last two gaffe-prone weeks have reminded us of anything about Hillary, it’s that she’s a mediocre politician at best. Her shortcomings are significant: she can be stiff and wooden in public; she lacks the aura of a natural politician; she’s not a great public speaker, and she can come across as politically flat-footed and tone deaf — as she did with her “dead broke” response to a rather benign question about relating to the financial challenges of the average voter.

Read the other 4 reasons why here.