Op-ed pick: Obama’s attention deficit disorder

Greg McKeown writes in Politico that President Obama has “presidential attention deficit disorder.”

I’m not trying to make a partisan point here. This is a problem I see routinely with the leaders I advise in Silicon Valley. It is a problem many of us feel on a daily basis, whether we’re the high-flying CEO of a Fortune 500 company or just a regular working stiff trying to make ends meet.

McKeown doles out some advice for Obama: Pick a priority, but also learn to say “no, we’re not addressing that issue.”

Indeed, the Latin root of the word decision — cis or cid — literally means “to cut” or “to kill.” You can see this in words like scissors, homicide or fratricide. Leaders often think a decision means saying yes to something, but the core of the idea is what we’re willing to reject.

Read the whole column here. We sent an invitation to McKeown to come on the show. Haven’t heard back yet, but we hope he’ll join us soon.

  • AndyBriebart

    He has never had a management position at any level. All he know’s how to do is campaign. The only time he looks himself is when he starts getting in the groove with his stump speech mentality. He doesn’t know what to do.

    Of course, this was brought up during the campaign, but because most of the mainstream media, including MPR/NPR were so caught up in his cult of personality, and covering for his every weakness, we now watch his fall from greatness.

    America is waking up to the realization that this guy is in over his head.

    • poguemahoney

      Wow, what a surprise, “AndyBriebart” hates Obama. Funny how a guy that is so incompetent managed to drag us out of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression—despite the best efforts of nearly every Republican to ensure the maximum amount of suffering for this country. Yet that “management expert” W led us to the cliff in the first place. This criticism is just more empty-headed narrative engineering by Politico, anything to attract attention.

  • Dave Houg

    this guy is in over his head. = = = not sure how I would determine that. Sure I may agree or disagree with his policy decisions. But how can I ever know what factors he weighed and how he chooses. Just saying tough to KNOW if a president is in over his head.