Op-ed pick: Obama’s attention deficit disorder

Greg McKeown writes in Politico that President Obama has “presidential attention deficit disorder.”

I’m not trying to make a partisan point here. This is a problem I see routinely with the leaders I advise in Silicon Valley. It is a problem many of us feel on a daily basis, whether we’re the high-flying CEO of a Fortune 500 company or just a regular working stiff trying to make ends meet.

McKeown doles out some advice for Obama: Pick a priority, but also learn to say “no, we’re not addressing that issue.”

Indeed, the Latin root of the word decision — cis or cid — literally means “to cut” or “to kill.” You can see this in words like scissors, homicide or fratricide. Leaders often think a decision means saying yes to something, but the core of the idea is what we’re willing to reject.

Read the whole column here. We sent an invitation to McKeown to come on the show. Haven’t heard back yet, but we hope he’ll join us soon.