Favorite picture books from The Daily Circuit staff

I asked everyone on The Daily Circuit staff for their favorite picture books. Some brought up books they loved as kids, some mentioned books they liked to read with their own kids.

Weigh in! Share your favorite picture book in the comments below.

Marc Sanchez:

Michael Ian Black’s “Chicken Cheeks” and the “Skippyjon Jones” series by Judy Schachner are current favorites.


Sasha Aslanian introduced us to Debra Frasier’s “On the Day You Were Born,” which made me cry the first 10 or so times I read it to my newborn.

“Tamarindo Puppy” is a good bilingual book too.

Tom Weber:

THIS! First book I ever read. So good.


Melissa Townsend:

The much-loved “Miss Twiggley’s Tree” is taped together and on my bedroom bookshelf right this very minute.


Meggan Ellingboe:

My parents got sick of reading this to me so I just memorized it and called them out for skipping pages.


Kryssy Pease:

“Blueberries for Sal” by Robert McCloskey. Ker-plink! Ker-plank! Ker-plunk!


Emily Kaiser:

“Four Little Kittens,” “The Lonely Doll” series, “The Napping House,” “The Mitten,” “The Snowy Day,” and the “Toot and Puddle” series.


Eric Ringham:

“The Fiddler of the Northern Lights,” by Natalie Kinsey-Warnock, illustrated by Leslie W. Bowmann, and “Mirette on the High Wire,” by Emily Arnold McCully.


And I recommend “The Three Golden Keys” by the amazing Peter Sis. You can find something new in the story every time you open the book.

What’s your favorite?