Your best repurposed stuff

During the 11 a.m. hour today, Tom Weber will have a conversation with journalist and Minneapolis native Adam Minter. We’re talking garbage, recycling, trash and scrap.  It’s the theme of Minter’s new book “Junkyard Planet.”

Part of the conversation will include how to reuse items we’d otherwise throw out.  We asked you submit your best repurposed stuff – and you did!  We heard especially from several businesses in Minnesota that use re-purposing in their work.

– We were reminded by the folks at Duluth Pack that they reused part of the Metrodome roof that collapsed in 2010 to make bags.  (five designs)


– Relan is a business in Mendota Heights that makes old billboards and banners into several products, including tote bags and business card holders:


– Jewelry maker Katrina Barnett sent a photo of pendants her 9-year-old made, using soda tops and a Starbucks lid.


– The group ReUSE Minnesota passed along a few photos:

A project by student Daniel Loehmann on what to do with old Subway sandwich bags: Make sock liners. This is hanging in McNeal Hall at the University of Minnesota this week.


And a showroom of Miele Concrete & Design in Lonsdale that’s almost entirely filled with reclaimed lumber  and appliances.


– Lily in Grand Rapids makes jewelry from old silver-plated trays.  She says she can cut around damage or corrosion and sometimes doesn’t polish it to leave the vintage look.

photo 2

– Wendy passed along her favorite tip:  “Save your wrapping!  Smooth it down (if it  hasn’t been torn into bits by small children), fold it up and store it in a paper bag for packing postal items.  In other words, use it in place of peanuts, bubble wrap, etc.  When it comes time to ship an item, take out the wrap, crunch it up and stuff around your item.”