7 sad songs

We played a BBC show about why we like to listen to sad songs. Listen to that if you want information. If you want a good cry, here are heart-wrenching favorites from the Daily Circuit team and folks on Twitter.

Tom Weber weeps when he hears “Brothers in Arms.”

Senior producer Chris Dall gets choked up by “It Makes No Difference.”

“Golden Ring” makes @timgihring misty-eyed.

The tears fall like rain when @cwalski hears “Trouble In Mind.”

“Silver Springs” turns @matty_ost blue.

@Rebeckey is sad at the sound of “The Blower’s Daughter.”

Bob Collins grabs a hankerchief to dry his eyes after hearing “Long, Long Time.”

Other submissions from Twitter:

What’s your favorite sad song?

Here’s mine. And although it’s not a sad song per se, I will always cry when this song comes on.