The teachers who inspired others to teach

“Six things I wish I’d known when I started teaching” was the topic for our Friday Roundtable this week. After the show, we asked our guests to talk about their favorite teachers.

Carolyn Fruin’s favorite teachers were Mrs. Hur and Mr. Fox:

Mrs. Hur was my first-grade teacher. Bouffant hair, lipstick. And she just hugged us when we walked in and I said, “This is my home and I’m going to do this.”

So I knew I was going to be a teacher. It wasn’t until eighth grade when I met Mr. Fox, a science teacher, and he was so great that I said, “OK,  it’s science.” So one told me I was going to be a teacher, and one told me what area.

Ryan Vernosh met his favorite teacher in sixth grade. His name was Mr. Auger:

He taught me the importance of family engagement. Community engagement. He invited families out on weekends to he and his wife’s home and we helped him build his sailboat. He really did everything he could to break down the four walls of the classroom and expose us to real-life learning.

Peter Redmond says that he found his favorite teacher in college:

Jet. Jet Connor. His name is actually Jet. He’s the one that suggested that I go into speech. So he’s the one for inspiration and for that suggestion.

Who was your favorite teacher of all time?