Could Julie Rosen challenge Dayton? Roundtable members think so

After the Friday Roundtable taping wrapped up, Kerri threw one more question to our guests off the air: “Who is emerging as a GOP candidate to challenge Dayton?”

Patricia Lopez: “I don’t even know if that name is out there yet.”

Steve Perry: “The name I keep hearing in sort of an ‘if only’ vein from Republicans is Julie Rosen.”

Lopez: “She has not said ‘no’ and [I heard her give] what sure sounded like a stump speech. She just dropped by the office and I thought, ‘That sure sounded like a stump speech.’”

Brian Bakst: “She would be headed for a primary no matter what, though, because that stadium legislation that she co-sponsored would be a non-sale within the convention.”

VIkings fans cheered for stadium bill sponsor Julie Rosen after the measure passed in the Senate 38-28. (MPR Photo/Tim Nelson)

Perry: “She could easily self-finance.”

Lopez: “Think about how hard it would be for Dayton to run against a moderate, Republican woman. Yikes.”