Test your knowledge: Geography Quiz

Here are some questions that have appeared in the National Geographic Bee. Organizers offer these questions as clues to what participants can expect in terms of difficulty and range of topics.

  • One wrong. I need to study up on the prime meridian.

    Also, why isn’t prime meridian capitalized?

  • MariyaS

    I love quizzes like this, you guys need to have more! It’s a nice 5 minutes to boost your brain power throughout the day.

    • Maybe we could institute a weekly quiz based on stories from the previous week.

      • Karl

        Like the BBC News Quiz?!

  • Wally

    100%. First 11 were too easy; the rest I had to think. Maybe the prime meridian isn’t capitalized because its value is 0. The International Date Line seems usually capitalized, with a value of 180 degrees. Just pointless conjecture.

  • Weekly quizes do sound fun! Thanks for posting this one.