Science week: human exploration, junk health science and more

If you haven’t noticed already, we really love science here on The Daily Circuit, so we thought we’d kick off 2013 with a week of shows and segments on our favorite topic.

On Monday at 11, we’ll kick things off with a discussion based on a story from the latest edition of National Geographic: What is it that drives humans to explore? Is it in our genes?

On Tuesday, we’ll look at the lack of science behind fad diets and miracle cures, and find out why trees are dying at an alarming rate.

On Wednesday, we’ll examine the role that exercise and movement may have played in shaping the human brain.

And on Thursday, we’ll talk about the future of physics.

We’ll also have coverage of the opening of the 2013 legislative session next week, including a live broadcast from the State Capitol on Friday.

As always, please share your ideas for other shows and segments you’d like to hear on The Daily Circuit.

  • Erik in Saint Paul

    for wednesday’s show: as a tradesperson, i feel we’re slowly losing the idea that some people learn better with their hands and bodies. there is a decent body of research that backs this up, yet we have begun to value this kind of leaning less in schools. today, you’re only successful if you excel at mainly intellectual pursuits. i have always learned faster and had superior information retention when my body is engaged as well as my mind.

  • johnjaundice

    It’s cool to hear Phil Picardi … wait for it … ‘Philling in’ on The Daily Circuit! Right??

    I’ll show myself out