What’s a great song about the American experience?

9:00 Due to early voting and absentee ballots, 29.8 million people have already voted this election. Is anything lost if we lose our national Election Day in favor of, perhaps, Election Month?

10:00 The new book ‘Houses of the Presidents’ gives a glimpse inside the houses and day-to-day lives of America’s presidents, from George Washington’s time to the present. We’ll talk to the author.

11:00 What music do you think captures the American spirit?

We recently had author Stephen Prothero on to discuss his new book ‘The American Bible,’ which deals with the texts throughout American history that typify the American experience and continue to generate controversy. A lot of people called or wrote in with songs instead of books: from ‘Strange Fruit’ to ‘Dust in the Wind.’

Which songs and artists do you think exemplify the American spirit and experience?

-Stephanie Curtis, social media host