Does job retraining work?

At 9:06, we’ll be talking about job training for the unemployed.

One of Kerri’s guests is Amy Goldstein, who did an investigation for Propublica looking at if job training helped people who lost their jobs in Janesville, Wis. What she found wasn’t conclusively in favor of sending laid off workers back to school:

From the many people I’ve met and from an analysis of the state records, most of what I discovered was sobering. It suggests that, even if the U.S. economy as a whole is gradually reviving, the bruises to individual workers and individual communities can be deeper than job training can readily heal.

What’s your story? Have you had job retraining after being laid off? Are you looking into going back to school to start a new career?

Share your story.

–Stephanie Curtis, social media host

  • Mike M

    If the public pays to train one person, and that person gets hired due to the training, that person won the job over the person who didn’t get the training. Who wins and who loses? The public loses and the person who didn’t get the job loses.

  • Jean

    You’re talking so much about people who used to have union jobs/factory jobs where they were WAY overpaid!

  • Lawrence

    Issue is broader than a job or skills change and perhaps includes a mid-course correction on income, relocation, friends and family.

  • Kristine h

    I was laid off in Nov 2008, went back to school in 2010 the Public Welfare Financial Worker program through Pine Technical college. Most of the people in my core classes were dislocated workers. All are now employed by counties close to their home and making middle class wages. Many of my classmates had bachelor degrees and received diplomas for their course work rather than an associates degree, finished in one year rather than 2. I love my new job, it’s 10 minute from my house and the benefits are great!

  • Anna

    I am finding as a registered nurse, many healthcare employers have been collectively holding their breath until after the election. There have been a few more jobs since the election last week but I see the same jobs with the exact same job numbers listed week after week and these are jobs I am well qualified for.

    I was laid off from my instructor job in 2010 and it has been a struggle ever since.

    I am to the point I am going to semi-retire from nursing because the only jobs I can find are per diem or part-time.

    The ads have qualifications that even a nurse with years of experience could not possibly fill.

    Nursing is a tough job and as one of your callers suggested, it is not a job just anyone can do. It requires intelligence, organizational skills and the ability to tolerate constant interruptions. It is getting to the point for many nurses, including my friends that the reward of providing comfort and sometimes solace for ill patients is no longer as rewarding as it once was.

  • mary keane

    Guest Amy Goldstein mentioned two government job retraining programs. Can anyone tell me what they are, especially the one that had “technical” in the title? Thanks.