On the show Thursday: How does the adolescent brain work?

9:00 Professor Laurence Steinberg has spent his career studying adolescent brain development and his findings have led him to believe that our society needs to rethink the way we punish teenagers.

10:00 Fisher v. University of Texas, a case currently before the Supreme Court, concerns the affirmative action admissions policy at the University of Texas. We’ll look at the case’s nationwide implications.

11:00 Thomas Ricks believes that the culture of mediocre leadership in our military is a major problem. His new book is ‘The Generals: American Military Command from World War II to Today.’ We’ll also discuss the Petraeus scandal with him.

Here is what Ricks said about Petraeus this morning on NPR:

He was a successful general when others were not. And so to have his personal, private affairs somehow detract from that, is like saying “Well, you know, Eisenhower really didn’t win World War Two because, look, he was sleeping with his chauffeur.

-Stephanie Curtis, social media host

  • Regal

    I for one couldn’t care less about the private affairs of public officials; we in the United States are far too concerned with this sort of behavior in general. However, Mr. Ricks wants to make this issue about forgiving these sorts of personal indiscretions to retain competent generals (and continue his hagiographic treatment of General Petraeus). Here’s the thing through, Petraeus was not simply a military commander any longer. He was serving as the nation’s spymaster. The issue with the Petraeus affair is the risk to classified materials and of the potential for blackmail.

    Moreover, Petraeus has been snared by the the surveillance and security state he promoted. The email draft-saving trick for example? We caught terrorist suspects using that device. how could he not know that could be detected? I think that indicates incompetence, likely prompted by his distraction with this affair. Maybe the intelligence brass will reconsider the wisdom of such wide-sweeping surveillance on the American public now that it has taken down one of its own – that might be the silver lining of this business.