What we’re reading: A killer looks back, snarky F. Scott, and Wall Street’s boys’ club

Chris Dall chose a letter from F. Scott Fitzgerald:

I think this is a good example of snark done the right way.

Tom Weber:

I’m reading the book ‘Hidden America’ by Jeanne Markie Laskas for a future interview w/ her. Details all those jobs — coal miner, cowboy, migrant worker – that we never think about but whose work makes the country tick. Very early in the reading, but enjoying it so far.

Also just finished Toobin’s book – very well-written.

Marc Sanchez:

Before Korean pop sensation PSY came out with his worldwide hit (and horse dance), his father ran a lackluster semiconductor company. In the past three weeks (a.k.a. post-Gangnam Style), the stock in papa PSY’s company DI has gone from 2000 to 5700 won (about $1.80 to $5.12).

From the Economist: “DI is merely the latest example of Korea’s “theme stock”–the local equivalent of the 17th-century Dutch tulip, Pets.com and the like going into 1999, or the Chinese walnut.”

Maddy Mahon and Alex DiPalma recommend the same article. It must be a good read:


Regardless of your interest in the inner workings of the financial meltdown, this is a great piece of journalism. As the crisis intensifies the writing heightens – it’s completely engrossing. Also, Ina Drew is a great example of a woman making it in the quintessential boys club.


Really well-written story documenting the downfall of JPMorgan’s Ina Drew. More interestingly, though, it describes what Drew experienced during her rise as a woman in the Wall Street boys’ club.

Emily Kaiser:

You should read ‘Lee Boyd Malvo, 10 years after D.C. area sniper shootings: I was a monster.’

I can still remember this news story unfolding. It was really interesting to read about the changes in Malvo’s feelings about the crime as he ages.

Meggan Ellingboe sent a link to a photo:

Um, that is INSANE.

Here is a video (in German) of how they took that photo. Even if you don’t sprechen Deutsch, it is worth watching.

And I can’t stop reading about the meltdown of the Broadway musical of Rebecca. The FBI have been called in!

–Stephanie Curtis, social media host