How do you get the most out of your work day?

We’re talking about American productivity today. Robert Pozen will share ideas with us about how to make your work life more efficient.

What are your tips for getting the most out of your day?

I highly recommend watching this video of Jason Fried from 37Signals, a guy dedicated to making his company as efficient and creative as possible. (One secret: get rid of the meetings.)

–Stephanie Curtis, social media host

  • I work in a place where I am never caught up on my work. I have a flexible work schedule but because of my responsibilities I can’t simply check out when the clock strikes 5 or 6. I work evenings and weekends as needed to meet the client needs and still have to do it within 40 hours/week since there is no OT.

  • Stephanie Curtis

    Tips from our guest, Robert Pozen:

    1. What are your priorities? You need to know them.

    2. Get rid of the small stuff. Discard 80-90% of your emails on site. The ones that are important, respond immediately. Use the OHIO method. Only Handle It Once.

    3. Make meetings short. Have an agenda. Send out prep materials ahead of time.

  • Joe

    A productivity killer for me is excessive reporting demands, especially when the leadership demanding the reports is out of touch with the business reported.

  • I don’t think companies know anything about productivity. There’s way too much personal e-mails, facebook. Young people seem to be addicted to cell phone usage, texting. Supervisors do nothing because they, too, have their cell phone sitting next to their computer screens.

  • Mary L.

    This video is an example of a guy who gets some buzz going and has nothing to say except cheap jokes. 10 minutes on how “M&Ms” are stupid. 3 minutes on suggestions for work improvements, including “more email, less face to face.”

    Seriously? More email?

  • Stephanie Curtis

    Looking for more productivity ideas? 43 Folders is inspirational.

  • Stephanie Curtis

    Tip from our guest, Robert Pozen:

    For better meetings, appoint a “devil’s advocate” to question ideas that come up. It’ll keep things lively and refine the conversation.

  • Sonya Jaworski

    I made a small podium so that I am standing up straight most of my work day, instead of in a desk chair. I get so much more done when I’m on my feet! I think because my body is more active, my brain is more active.

  • Stephanie


    You do have to put on a show for TED, but I actually find his more emails/less face-to-face tip useful. As long as the email is well-crafted and thought out.

    I find meetings draining.