Does the GOP need a new direction?

We’re talking about whether the GOP needs a new direction.

We were inspired by a column from Matt K. Lewis. Here’s part of his argument:

The GOP is running on fumes. Like a copy of a copy of a tape, conservatives have been living off the legacy of Ronald Reagan for decades.

The cold war was the glue that united the conservative movement. Each leg of the stool – social conservatives, fiscal conservatives and national security conservatives – had their own reasons for uniting to defeat the Communists. Reagan benefitted from this unity, as well as from his own ability to inspire, and knew how to play it.

But George W Bush managed to put the final nail in the coffin of the decades-long “Reagan era”, and so it’s time to start anew. Bush invented a new Republican brand, but then ensured it couldn’t be used again.

Do you think the GOP needs a re-boot? We’d especially love to hear from Republicans.

–Stephanie Curtis, social media host