Are we prepared for the graying of America and the world?

At 10:15, we’ll be talking about a new report from the United Nations Population Fund that says the world is not prepared for the increase in senior citizens in both developed and undeveloped countries.

Here are some key facts highlighted in the report:

• Around the world, two persons celebrate their sixtieth birthday every second – an annual total of almost 58 million sixtieth birthdays.

• By 2050 for the first time there will be more older people than children under 15. In 2000, there were already more people aged 60 or over than children under 5.

• In 2012, 810 million people were aged 60 or over, accounting for 11.5 per cent of the global population. The number is projected to reach 1 billion in less than 10 years and more than double by 2050, reaching 2 billion and accounting for 22 per cent of the global population.

• Life expectancy is 78 years in developed countries and 68 years in developing regions in 2010-2015. By 2045-2050, newborns can expect to live to 83 years in developed regions and 74 years in developing regions.

• Of every three people aged 60 or over, two live in developing countries. By 2050, nearly four in five people aged 60 or over will live in the developing world.

• For every 100 women aged 60 or over worldwide, there are 84 men. For every 100 women aged 80 or over, there are 61 men.

What Kerri wants to know: Do you think there ways our government should be preparing for an aging America? And are there successful examples of dealing with an aging population in other countries that we should know about?

elderly.JPG (Senior citizens take a break on a bench during the 8th Annual Healthy Living Festival on July 15, 2011 in Oakland, California. An estimated 2,000 senior citizens from Alameda County attended the 8th Annual Healthy Living Festival that features fitness demonstrations along with educational and resource booths that promote successful aging and healthy living. Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

–Stephanie Curtis, social media host