Friday’s show

9:00 The Friday Roundtable takes on the debate over art and free expression, and what happens when art provokes violence.

10:00 In 2005, a group of anonymous donors in Kalamazoo, Michigan announced that they would pay in-state college tuition for every student who graduated from the district’s high schools – regardless of grades, family income or disciplinary record. How has it worked out?

11:00 Arctic sea ice melted to its lowest point in years and scientists warn of greater weather extremes.

–Stephanie Curtis, social media host

  • Richard Schuster

    Salmon Rushdie says that he tried to avoid rufling feathers in “Satanic Verses”. After the fatwa, he says he wish he had been more critical of Islam.

  • Erick

    I’d really like to know the history of art and politics in the Muslim world. Western society has almost taken for granted that artists, as part of their job, are supposed to reflect culture, even if it embarrasses or is critical of leaders, policies, religion. Is that even possible in the Muslim world?

  • Mark

    I wonder if the maker of this film would have had the guts to go over to the Middle East and personnally show the movie. The Internet has allowed cowardice to flourish where a person can hide behind their computer and offend from afar.

  • Jon

    fact check: “piss christ” was Andre Serrano, not Maplethorpe.

  • Lindsey

    Can you please list the book picks from today’s roundtable guests? Thanks!

  • Margaret Hake

    Yes, please repeat those book recommendations from this morning’s roundtable.