What should the Twin Cities look like in 2040?

The Metropolitan Council has kicked off Thrive MSP 2040, its long-range planning effort. Here are the Council’s priorites for the region in 2040:

•Maintaining a strong quality of life

•Fostering a vibrant, prosperous regional economy•Planning for essential infrastructure and regional services

•Encouraging housing options to accommodate our changing population

•Mitigating economic and social disparities through regional investments

•Supporting a 21st century transit and transportation system in the 7-county region

•Creating policies that address equity

•Mitigating pressures on the region’s natural resources

•Improving the efficiency of regional services

So how do you think we should get there? We’re talking about it at 10 a.m. Friday.

–Stephanie Curtis, social media host

  • Jamie

    Why can’t we make comments on this blog about the current conversation? I can’t call in, and I can’t do Facebook, and I don’t want to do Twitter. What I want to say:

    Obama COULDN’T do those WPA-type programs because they would never have gotten through Congress! How can those guests blame Obama for not doing bold things like that to fix the economy? Don’t you choose guests because they’re well-informed and presumably know at least as much as the rest of us?

    Their limitations were further demonstrated when they said that caller was smart or thoughtful or something — the one who voted for Bush and thought he did a good job (!), and then voted for Obama because she thought he might bring about some changes, but now is going to vote for Romney. That woman is one of the big problems with our electorate: she’s uninformed and unable to see the truth about the candidates, and apparently doesn’t know what she wants either.

  • Katie

    I highly agree with the last caller. As a 35 year old who is looking to simplify her life after living in a well planned, easily accessed city like Chicago (in terms of transit), I was extrememly disappointed at the lack of transit in the Twin Cities. It still takes me 2 hours to go just a few miles here in the TC’s vs Chicago’s anywhere in less than 1 hour.

    We know that Job opportunities are linked to the ability to GET to our jobs. With wages being at an all time low, why our funding of Mass Transit is lacking is ridiculous.