U.S. Bank’s response to criticism

Bruce Marks’ organization NACA works with many banks across the nation as a bridge between them and homeowners who can’t pay their mortgage but said they can’t seem to work with U.S. Bank.

Here’s what he had to say:

It is the worst. Out of all the banks out there, U.S. Bank is the worst. They are the ones who try to find a way to say ‘no.’ And the other banks, at least we’ve gotten them now to look for a reason to say ‘yes’ or at least be neutral.

We asked U.S. Bank for a response. This is from Tom Joyce, senior vice president of

corporate public relations:

U.S. Bank has always regarded foreclosure as the last resort for both the borrower and the bank. That’s why we have worked with thousands of borrowers across the country to modify their mortgages and keep people in their homes.

In addition to our own programs that we offer borrowers, we have participated in all the available government modification programs and have done everything reasonable to keep borrowers in their homes. For example, U.S. Bank has modified more than $16 billion nationwide under the HARP program alone since the program’s inception in 2009. Of those, more than 10,000 loans (or more than $2 billion) were for Minnesota homeowners.

It is critical to note that the vast majority of cases involving U.S. Bank and foreclosures involve instances where we are the trustee on a securitized pool of mortgages. In those cases, we are not the servicer of the loan, and have no authority or economic interest when it comes to an individual foreclosure. While the our name may appear in the court documents, however the servicer decides whether or not to foreclose.

–Stephanie Curtis, social media host

  • Mr. Harris

    Hello Ms. Curtis, Could you expand a little more on what US bank said regarding foreclosures? I am in the middle of suing them and it is no easy task. Thank you. Mr. Harris

  • Peg

    US Bank is a farce. NACA is right when they say that US Bank is the hardest lender to work with. NACA isn’t the only one they won’t work with, but other non profit organizations who try and work with them. It’s all the same story.

    US Bank lies and will try and trick the homeowner.

    They will tell you that they will work with you, but beware, because they won’t give you anything on paper as far as a deferment goes (so record them like I did).

    They made a deferment with me and then after I made my three payments as agree upon, they tried to make me sign paperwork that would almost double my house payments!

    They made another deferment with me and told me if I made three payments, they would bring my house payments up to date, but when I made the three payments as agreed upon, they filed foreclosure on me, because I refused to sign another paper saying I would pay for attorney fees and extra costs once again increasing my house payments.

    They don’t keep their word and do things against the law.

    The courts told them not to contact me, but they continued and are in contempt of court. They do whatever they want and listen to no one.

    BEWARE OF THEM – MAKE SURE YOU ARE DISCUSSING THINGS IN COURT IN FRONT OF A MEDIATOR OR JUDGE, because I guarantee you, you will be tricked by them!

    They will try and make you sign paperwork waiving your right to file Bankruptcy on your home, DON’T SIGN ANYTHING. The people from US Bank are there to trick you and take you for whatever you have. They will try and suck as much money from you by lying and promising you the world when they will do no such thing.