Poll: Is global warming inevitable?

We’re talking about the melting ice in the arctic regions of the globe.

So what we want to know today is this:

–Stephanie Curtis, social media host

  • Molly

    It hardly seems right that the companies that have largely contributed to global warming should benefit from it.

  • David

    Maximizing the potential of the world’s most utilitarian plant, Cannabis/hemp will show us sustainable means for energy, food, industry, medicine … as well as carbon sequestration.

  • Amy Blumenshine

    Global warming is definitely happening, but we still can change policies that will improve our lot. Just imagine if we’d tackled the real threat of global warming with some of the resources we’ve used to intervene against non-existent weapons of mass destruction!

  • Dave Anderson

    The question seems to presuppose that global warming hasn’t happened yet. Is it inevitable if it’s already happening? Will I inevitably get out of bed today if I’m already out of bed?