Poll: Are you interested in the presidential election?

Today, we’ll be talking about voter engagement. Gallup is predicting that turnout will be lower than in 2004 and 2008.

Why do you think people are less interested in the election?

–Stephanie Curtis, social media host

  • Mark

    I think that people are less interested because they do not feel that much will change regardless of the outcome. The candidates need to go out of their way to make the debates interesting in order to win over apathetic viewers. Although the policy differences are out there, the personal appeal of a candidate during a debate can change people’s mind. Remember Bill Clinton in 1992 during town hall debate where he really showed how he cared about the problems of the country and how he would solve them.

  • Mark

    Engaged needs to = informed.

    If you think Obama is muslim you’re one of those misfiring cylinders. Biased ‘news’ is a threat to all of us…USA!

  • Judith Meyer

    Has there been any research on increase in voter participation due to rural areas going to mail in ballots versus going to a place to vote on election day. Here in North Western MN many townships have gone to mail in only ballots.

  • Brad

    The reason I am not more involved is because neither party is willing to give or take. If you are not in lock step with them they don’t listen.

  • margaret


  • CarlS

    I could only listen to a portion of today’s discussion on air, so excuse me if the following was already addressed. At this time I have not heard anyone raise the following point:

    I have been dismayed at calls to make voting mandatory. Forcing people to vote is against the very freedoms we cherish, ironically as expressed by our freedom to choose our leaders. Some of us choose to remain “disengaged” as a personal expression and protest against what is seen as a rigged system.

    I don’t see either party as representing my interests. I reserve the right to not vote. To force me to vote is a tyranny akin to fascist states forcing it’s people to march in support of the motherland and their dear leader.