If you had five minutes with Romney or Obama…

This is what Kerri wants to know this morning:

What about you?

–Stephanie Curtis, social media host

  • steve austin

    I would ask either, especially Obama:

    “Let’s be serious for a moment. Don’t you have more self-respect than to allow yourself to be used in this dishonest manner?”

  • April Spas

    Why didn’t President Obama try to make a case about voting the whole democratic ticket in his acceptance speech. After all, it’s been proven that without congressional support, his policies won’t go anywhere.

  • Virginia

    @dailycircuit @kerrimpr SInce I am telling you – I would say I don’t trust any of them doing what is best for the People they serve.

    — Virginia S. Norwood (@vsnorwood) September 12, 2012

  • Marilyn

    Would it change the economy significantly if Americans would buy American.If so why doesn’t he push us in every speech? #dailycircuit

    — Marilyn Nelson (@NelsonMarilyn) September 12, 2012

  • Mike

    Mr. Romney,

    You often label the Obama Presidency as a “failed” administration. Please definee failed in this context. Would flawed, or some other more nuanced description be more accurate?

  • Allison

    I would say to either of them that I appreciate their concern for the middle class — the foundation of prosperity in this country — but that I want to hear what they will do to address the problems of the people who suffer the most deeply in economic downturns — people who are in poverty or near poverty.

  • Kevin

    Mr Romney, you say you ran a business and created jobs, which qualifies you to be president. Yet your record shows Bain and you profited whether the businesses it bought created jobs or went bankrupt. Your goal seemed to make money for yourself and your investors, not create jobs or help businesses. You say your experience as MA governor qualifies you to be president. Yet you implemented a healthcare system you now oppose and said you were pro-choice and are now pro-life. Your goal seemed to be to get elected, not to do anything afterwards. Mr. Romney, just why is it you want to be President of the United States?

  • CJ

    I could get this done with either one of them in 5 seconds or less. Not a question, a statement.

    STOP LYING!! Just stop it! I mean it–stop lying right now! And stop your damn supporters from lying in your name.

  • AK

    Sirs (both),

    Until Citizen’s United is overturned, I am absolutely going to assume you are purchased and paid for. So, who owns you? And do you have any intention of creating campaign finance reform so there is some integrity to our elected officials?

  • Paul – Duluth, MN

    How can you accept and spend hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign “contributions”? How many American jobs would that pay for? As of today, current campaign contributions are 1.1 billion dollars. That is 73,733 (Federal) minimum wage jobs. How many school text books would that buy? There are much better uses for such large amounts of capital. How would you feel if I personally and single-handedly won the Presidential Election based solely on an internet campaign that would only cost $89 of my own money? (I need way more than five minutes to put these people in their place.)