Friday reading list: LBJ, Scientology and branding

Here’s what our Friday Roundtable guests are reading:

Kathleen Hall Jamieson is reading Robert Caro’s latest work about LBJ and Bob Woodward’s new book about the Obama White House.

Diane Tran is reading an older book, ‘Closing the Leadership Gap.’

Catherine Squires’ book pick is ‘Lost Prophet: The Life and Times of Bayard Rustin.’

And here’s what The Daily Circuit is reading:

Meggan Ellingboe: ‘The Master’ is out and on my list to see, preferably at the new Uptown Theatre. So naturally, I clicked on a Vanity Fair article going inside Scientology, that I first found on Longreads.

Maddy Mahon is into Scientology, too: My greatest weakness is good writing about the bizarre world of celebrities and an earlier piece this year in New York Magazine sucked me into the Tom Cruise and Scientology vortex (so good! Read it now!) This week’s Vanity Fair article is the latest fascinating exploration of the crazy Cruise universe. Happy Friday!

Emily Kaiser: Love this story about being “Branded for Life” in BusinessWeek. What’s it like to be forever remembered as a company’s public face?

–Stephanie Curtis, social media host