Are you burned out?

This morning, we are looking at a recent study about burned-out doctors. The conclusion:

Although the practice of medicine can be incredibly meaningful and personally fulfilling, it is also demanding and stressful. Results of studies suggest that many physicians experience professional burnout, a syndrome characterized by a loss of enthusiasm for work (emotional exhaustion), feelings of cynicism (depersonalization), and a low sense of personal accomplishment.

I know you’re thinking what I thought: “Well, they may be burned but probably not as burned out as the rest of us.”


Compared with a probability-based sample of 3,442 working US adults, physicians were more likely to have symptoms of burnout (37.9% vs 27.8%) and to be dissatisfied with work-life balance (40.2% vs 23.2%).

So how about you? Burned out?

You can pay for the Maslach Burnout Inventory, the questionnaire used in this study that is “considered the gold standard tool for measuring burnout.” Or you can take a free, online test that I found by searching “burnout test.”

–Stephanie Curtis, social media host