What we’re talking about on Monday’s show

9:00 Since President Barack Obama spoke the now-infamous words “you didn’t build that,” the phrase has become ubiquitous on the campaign trail. Why has it gained so much traction among conservatives? What is the larger economic significance behind the ‘who-built-it’ debate?

Kerri will talk to Simon Johnson, Professor at MIT Sloan School of Management, and

Rachael Larimore, managing editor at Slate.

10:00 Linguist and word guru Anatoly Liberman joins The Daily Circuit to discuss his continuing efforts to reform English spelling. He’ll also answer your questions about words and word origins.

11:00 Eboo Patel, the Interfaith Youth Core founder and president, joins us. He’s inspired by his Muslim faith and Indian heritage to build bridges with people of differing faiths.

Thumbnail image for PATEL-ChrisPopio.jpg(Photo by Chris Popio)

–Stephanie Curtis, social media host